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Escorts in DHA phase 7 Lahore

Escorts in DHA Phase 7 take care of their clients in three phases. The first stage is for the drivers to familiarize themselves with the new service area. The second stage sees the drivers training to provide safety for their clients and customers. The third and final stage sees the drivers get the required license to drive on the roads of Lahore. To facilitate these activities, the drivers are provided with training session support and the drivers are also taught to provide emergency assistance to their clients in case of an emergency.

As far as the services offered by these escorts are concerned, their services are quite different from the normal ones. Since they have come directly to meet their clients, they make sure that all their customers are treated courteously and professionally. Their efforts in this phase help them to build a good repute in the area of service delivery.

In this phase, the drivers are taught how to handle and use vehicles to bring customers safely to their destinations. The drivers also are taught how to navigate the road and avoid mishaps on account of bad weather, potholes, loose roads and uneven roads. The customers are usually seen by the escorts in DHA Phase 7 either sitting in the waiting room or on the comfort chair. The customers are referred to only when they require immediate services such as pick-up and drop off. The drivers offer the customer the option to drive home or could opt for the door-to-door shuttle service. They are trained to handle emergencies such as breakdowns, mechanical failures, traffic jams, breakdowns due to mechanical problems, customer misunderstandings etc.

For the customers, the services of these escorts in DHA Phase 7 aim at providing fast, reliable and trustworthy transportation services. The drivers are well trained to tackle emergencies that may arise in any part of the city. This is possible since the drivers receive regular training based on the rules and regulations related to customers with special needs.

As soon as the customer arrives at the pickup point, the escorts will take them directly to the customer’s location. Once there, the drivers will provide emergency and maintenance services according to the agreed upon terms. They may be engaged to do quick tire change, fix a flat tire, change a flat or change oil and fluids. There are times when customers need their escorts to pick them up at the destination and transport them to the final destination of their choice.

Escorts in DHA phase 7 will evaluate the drivers during each shift according to the guidelines published by the service providers. If an emergency arises, the driver notifies their seniors, contacts dispatch for a replacement car and informs their seniors of the service they rendered. Any other services that have been rendered are listed along with the name of the customer. Since this is a highly competitive field, most service providers offer incentives to retain and upgrade their clients. Senior Escorts are happy when their customers are aware of the additional services they are offering.

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