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The second phase of the Lahore highway is known as the Lahore-Hindustani Highway (LHID). It connects the capital of the Pakistan, Islamabad to the twin cities of Rawal and Quetta. The Rawal-led opposition Pakistan National Party (PML) governed the city for fifteen years until the current government took over from Musharraf. The new administration has been in full control of the road construction since it came into office. This article will talk about the latest progress made on the corridor linking Rawal to Doha via the new Lahore-to-Doha highway.

The major route to this point was previously the Shakarparian-Koh sambodrom road which was closed down due to a bomb blast that killed two truck drivers and injured many more on the way. However, the highway has now been opened for vehicle traffic once again. The new stretch of the road is located between Chowk Road and Chokhi. At this point, the trucks that are allowed to pass through these barriers are required to display the appropriate decals indicating that they are carrying goods for export or import purposes. Only trucks with an export license are permitted to make the voyage to Pakistan through this route.

Since the trucks have to cross the barrier between Pakistan and Qatar, there are stringent checks that are applied to ensure that the trucks proceed according to the wishes of the owners. According to an estimate, at least 20,000 trucks use this passage everyday. The truck drivers that operate in this area have to be very experienced in passing through the numerous check points as well as the heavy metal music and the flags used for identifying trucks carrying goods for export.

To ensure safety of the trucks and the drivers, the Escorts in DHA phase 2 are present on the site. They watch over the movement of the trucks along the toll gated areas and at major intersections to ensure that nothing untoward happens. The escort team comprises of a police officer, a constable, and a private hire driver. The QM or private hire manager sits with them to monitor the movements of the drivers.

The Police escort is equipped with a SME or a vehicle tracking device. This device can be used to locate the truck that is carrying the goods to the border. If the truck is lost, the device can also trace its position using the GPS locator. Once the truck reaches the border, the QM takes over from here. The driver is required to sign the document that is presented to him after validating his identity. This document is then taken to the border and the goods are inspected before they are released.

However, some QM inspectors in DHA Phase 2 do not abide by the rules and regulations. If caught, they face suspension and are given penalties. In the event of a trial, both parties are asked for the evidence that can be collected and for the reason that it will provide the judges a fair picture of the case. If the case goes to court, both the QM and the inspector are required to testify in their own defense.

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