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 Call Girls in Lahore-There is no sure quality to be

Today, when we talk about party girls in Lahore, the first name that comes to our minds is Lahore. However, one must not forget her role model, Lahore. On the birth anniversary of partition, many prominent personalities had a special message to deliver to the residents of Azad Maidan. Among them, one person who cannot be ignored was Fauziallah Khan, thethen Miss Lahore, now the famous party girl.

Fauzia was born in a humble background, grew up in a mad rush to get herself enrolled into high school. After her parents passed away, Fauzia left home and joined the male chauffeur queue for her marriage. However, things did not work out well as she could not get along with her new husband, as she was already obsessed with the idea of being a real lady. Fauzia left the marriage fearing men would take her for granted once she stepped into their house. After six months of separation, Fauzia finally ended up boarding at an NGO office near the Azad Maidan.

When Fauzia entered the hall, nobody stopped her. Later on, Fauzia was spotted by a number of young men who courted her and became her escort for the duration of the marriage ceremony. She had never been so nervous in her entire life. Initially, Fauzia had no idea on how to interact with men and the people from Paharganj (the location of Azad Maidan) and didn’t know what to do. But thanks to the kind nature of one of her escorts (a Punjabi), Fauzia was able to find some comfort in a local masala chai.

Not long after this, a man named Nazim Butt wanted to take his chance in securing his future. He called up his friend Molla Manjoo, a well-known pakistani fashion designer, and asked for their help. Molla readily agreed to help as she was impressed with how keen Fauzia was on becoming a member of Pakistan’s famous and well-known Zain Bal Fashion House. However, she didn’t have much time to learn about designing as she was busy preparing for her wedding. Fortunately, Manjoo and Butt had a very interesting discussion which led to Fauzia’s admission into Zain Bal’s school of fashion – the School of Beauty Therapy and Design Escorts in Lahore.

Fauzia took classes and quickly became known as a beauty trainee of Zain Bal. However, the school didn’t stop there; later in 2021, Fauzia was selected as one of Pakistan’s best and most popular call girls. This honor was made even more precious because it meant that she would live the life of a true call girl/model. And as it turns out, Fauzia is everything she has been told she could be – or should have been.

She has been hired by various well-known modeling agencies including Saira & Raja, where she is now one of their most popular models. Aside from modeling, Fauzia has also been hired by various escort agencies as a driver and a house maid. Now, what does she do to get the attention of those who call? She wears a revealing dress and a pair of high heels. That’s all she has to do to become a call girl in Lahore.

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