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To experience the ultimate massage, one must explore this ultimate luxury spa resort of Lahore, known as “Avari”. A luxurious spa facility at the hotel, which provides world-class services to its visitors. Massage in Avari is one of the most renowned services offered here. The resorts are fully equipped with modern facilities and services for a soothing and relaxing massage experience. One can avail of special packages offered by these spas to make their tours even more memorable.

Massage in Avari Hotel: A five star hotel, the hotel has various spa services in addition to the conventional massage services. There are spas located in the hotel’s fitness center, main lobby, business center and at the airport’s arrival and departure areas. Massage spas are equipped with world class lavatories, saunas, dry cleaners, hair dryers and hair pickers. One can also avail of services such as body scrubs, manicure and pedicure, facial treatments, facial massage, body waxing, and many more.

Spa packages offered include sauna sessions, steam bath sessions, reflexology, and much more. Massage in Avari lavatories include services such as deep pore cleansing, microdermabrasion and collagen and skin care. One can also enjoy services such as hand painting, aromatherapy, foot and face massage, body scrub, body massage and facials. It is also possible to book an e-courses from any of the spas in the hotel.

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