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Accommodation has plenty of suites with balcony, landmark view, garden view and city view. Also you will hardly find any problems in booking Indigo heights Hotel & suites on the internet. Planet of hotels operates with no fees and all information regarding your credit card is provided. It has been provided to you free of cost.

There is parking space available in the free WiFi zone. Planet of Hotels has planned for special requests regarding free WiFi. Your guests will have free access with their mobile phones. You can expect arrival time at your indigo heights hotel & suites on time.

Dining area serves scrumptious South Indian cuisine as per the choice of your choice. The indigo heights hotel & suites offer various options to make your stay comfortable. The buffet dinner has cuisines from around the world. It will surely energize your body and soul.

There are two swimming pools in the indigo heights hotel & suites. The swimming pool is located on the first floor. Swimming is the most enjoyable pastime for children. Children can enjoy water with lemonade and other drinks. For senior people in the swimming pool is also located on the first floor.

Apart from private parking there are many different parking facilities available with the hotel. You may use the airport shuttle or public transport. If you check rates on the internet then you may find the best deal for your stay. When you check rates on the internet you can find the best rate according to your budget.

As we always try to visit the property directly then it’s expected that we should be very careful while providing contact details. We should be careful enough in choosing our contact details. There is another option to have a complete online check in. But in this case we are supposed to provide our complete personal details like name, address, email, phone number and so on.

If you want to know more about the property then you may visit the website of the company. You can also have a look on the testimonial page. The website of indigo heights hotel & suites features various testimonials of satisfied customers.

The property is located in the perfect location with many facilities. It is just 15 minutes away from the airport as well as the business center of the city. You can visit the place any time during your stay. All the rooms of indigo heights hotel & suites are equipped with latest appliances.

The hotel & suites are a five star facility. In fact, this facility is more like five star hotels. This facility includes elegantly designed rooms. If you want to go out for dinner or breakfast then there are separate dining and living areas. When it comes to privacy, you can ask for the private pool. Please note that, the price of the room depends upon the number of persons who are occupying it.

Furthermore, the hotel offers a continental breakfast each morning. Please note that the continental breakfast is served in English. Please note that, the price of the continental breakfast includes a bottle of champagne as well.

Moreover, the hotel offers a fitness centre. This fitness centre is available all year round. If you want to go for a jog or to swim in the pool then you need to make reservations in advance. Please note that, the fitness centre is only available during the summer months from Tuesday to Thursday. Please note that, the fitness centre is available all year round.

The hotel & suites have a spa resort. This spa resort is located at the posh Chandni Chowk. This hotel & suites provide a relaxing and rejuvenating service to its customers. You can choose from a variety of spa treatments such as mud, body wraps, sea water and so forth. Please note that, the prices of the services vary depending upon the day and time.

The hotel and suites also have a twin room facility. This twin room facility is located at the lobby of the hotel. There are ample numbers of visitors who can access this twin room facility. There are separate showers for each individual.

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