The story of a housewife who married an army officer and moved with him to Pakistan and had a child outside the home is as old as history. But the transformation that a woman undergoes in her life, especially in these times, cannot be ignored. This is because Pakistani women are slowly emerging as a force to be reckoned with both in politics and in sports, and they have proved that they can not only survive, but excel.

The creation of many girls like Zsanett has helped to change attitudes against girls from rural areas. Although many people still consider girls from rural areas as trash, with no education, no job and no future, these girls have become role models for others. They work hard to give their daughter a better life. Some take up jobs as teachers or doctors, while others continue their studies and are successful in their chosen fields. They do not sit idly by and let fate decide their destiny.

Some girls in Lahore also decided to pursue an education and thus enter a path that would change their lives forever. These girls are not just different from those from rural areas; they are smarter and hold more jobs than their counterparts. They are earning more and better salaries than many girls from the countryside. In fact, many girls from Lahore have earned such high degrees that they join international universities and pursue PhD programs in the finest institutions in the world.

These girls have been very fortunate in the past, as they have been able to start a family even before earning a degree. This has given them a sense of assurance about their future. As a result, many girls today have plans of going back to school to further their education or start a new venture. Some even plan to get married and live a very comfortable married life.

A few girls have found their soul-mates in certain individuals who are willing to take them into their homes as housewives. These relationships have worked wonders for these girls, as they gained much from their interactions with these extraordinary individuals. These housewives who chose to get married to these well-educated men provided them with everything they needed to start a new life. They cooked their favorite meals and even took care of their basic needs. These housewives from Lahore proved to be very loyal and faithful to their new husbands.

A few of these housewives in Lahore even formed their own businesses and ran it successfully. This is quite an impressive feat, as there are many girls who failed to earn a substantial income even after joining a university or a business. These successful housewives have managed to improve the condition of their lives. It is their example that can help other girls to make a brighter future. All the successful housewives from Lahore have managed to give young daughters a better life through their exemplary behavior.