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Book your stay at Hotel One Garden Town at Christchurch airport. You can then book a shuttle to the airport from the hotel. The shuttle runs every fifteen minutes or so. Meals and drinks are served at the guest room (upon request). You can relax, read a good book or just chill out on the patio.

The garden-style hotel was designed by architects Jane Benwell and John Norton. They combined traditional features of a country house with modern conveniences. There is a plunge pool, outdoor fireplaces and views of the city. The garden suites come with air conditioning and are the ideal place to catch up on your favourite TV shows.

Other great hotels in Garden City include Hotel Greton, Hotel Alexandra, Hotel Willowbank, Hotel Radburn and Hotel Alexandra. All are located close to the city centre. The Greton has beautiful garden gardens and the other hotels are all set in the perfect proximity to restaurants, shops and other amenities. However, if you need to be somewhere a lot closer to where the action is, there are options such as the Radburn Hotel. The rooms are comfortable and the location makes it convenient to get to many places in and around the city.

Your Garden City accommodation is close to many of the city’s attractions including the Art Gallery, the Cathedral and the Opera House. In fact, if you love the ambience of gardens and the greenery that surrounds them, you will love having your own hotel in this region of New Zealand. You may want to take a walking tour through some of the gardens yourself and discover some unique or attractive plant or tree species.

Many people choose to have breakfast at one of the restaurants in Garden City. There is a variety of different types of restaurants that serve food from around the world. Your hotel room is close enough to them to allow you to enjoy fresh local ingredients at each meal. The restaurants also offer many different kinds of wine or champagne to provide guests with a nice leisurely cocktail at the end of the day. Whether you choose to sit down and enjoy a quiet glass of champagne or to have a quiet meal by the fire with friends, you will find that all the different options that you have are ones that you will enjoy.

Garden City is one of the most popular areas in the country for tourists to stay in. Because it is close to major cities, people who come here have no need to take a cab or worry about transportation. The closest large city to Garden City is Auckland. It is about 90 minutes by car to Auckland and is on the Interstate Highway. The city also has the option of taking a bus into the city or riding a taxi to reach the top of Mt Maunganui. Hotel One Garden Town is situated close enough to both to make it easy to get around without having to use a rental car.

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